Kevin’s Story

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Kevin’s Story

We’re so happy that Kevin was able to overcome his challenges with the help of Open Hearts and Minds.

Kevin joined our first class at Open Hearts and Minds in 2010 at the age of 5.  His family circumstances are very difficult as his father is almost blind, and his mother suffers from a chronic illness. Kevin had started briefly at a government school but was not doing very well.  It turned out that he had hearing problems which would explain why he had difficulty understanding the lessons.

OHAM took him to the doctor and although there wasn’t much that could be done medically, our teachers gave him the support he needed. He sat at the front of the class, and the teachers always faced him if asking a question and ensured he understood and was following the lesson. We are so glad that OHAM can offer this level of individual attention due to the small class sizes. 

Kevin’s academic improvement was remarkable, and he graduated from our school in 2018 and started secondary school – something that he could never have imagined.  As Kevin’s family continues to struggle due to the health issues of the parents, Open Hearts and Minds School has decided to enrol Kevin’s younger brother, Victor, to provide ongoing support for the family.

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