Our journey begins!  

OPEN HEARTS and MINDS was founded. While living in Kenya Sarah and Phil Boyer met Edward Odhiambo who dreamed of building a school for the children of his village who were missing out on their education due to poverty. OHAM made Edward’s dream a reality and the children’s dream of an education come true.


10 children  


  • We opened Hearts and Minds School in an old borrowed building in the community.  Little did we imagine how we would grow from these humble beginnings.
  • All our children were given mosquito nets… so important in trying to prevent malaria.


20 children  


  • We squeezed a second class of 10 children into our school by putting up a dividing wall in the middle of the old building.
  • We also built a covered lean-to so the cooks didn’t get wet during the rainy season whilst preparing and cooking the children’s delicious food.



32 children  


  • How were we going to accommodate our 3rd class?  We built the annex!  This was basically a mud building with a tin roof added on to the original building.
  • We purchased the land for our permanent school and then started building the first classroom block… very exciting!
  • Our first set of 12 water filters were distributed to families in the community… so happy to be providing safe drinking water to them.


45 children  



  • … the new Open Hearts and Minds School was ready! 
  • The children had their lessons in their brand new classrooms in January!
  • Everyone was so excited, including us! 


57 children  


  • We had not built another classroom block yet so our new students used the church next door as their classroom.
  • We built and installed playground equipment… the children had never seen anything like it!  The laughter and joy could be heard all around.


69 children  


  • Our second classroom block was built, including a teachers’ office.  OHAM School was growing so fast.
  • Another 20 water filters, with a much improved design, were distributed… approximately 60 families now have access to safe drinking water.


82 children  


  • We built a new kitchen and installed 2 high-efficiency wood burning stoves. The cooks were so happy… no more smoke in their eyes.  
  • Also built a staff toilet block.
  • We installed two 6000 litre water tanks and guttering… now we can collect rain water so it can be used during the dry season. 


92 children  


  • Our third classroom block was added.  We now have enough classrooms for the whole primary school: pre-unit to grade 8.  Quite a milestone!
  • We purchased mattresses for all our children to ensure they can use mosquito nets effectively and get a good night’s sleep… happy children!


103 children  


  • We built another toilet block for the students.
  • Our first class at Open Hearts and Minds class graduated.  Such a proud time for all of us!  
  • The clean water scheme was expanded by distributing 30 more water filters in the community… over 100 families can now drink clean water.


107 children  


  • Our first cohort of students started secondary school.
  • OHAM committed to funding their fees for 4 years secondary education.


107 children  


  • OHAM School closed in March due to Covid-19.
  • A fundraising drive raised enough money to feed the families of our children during this difficult time.




All of this has been achieved through the generosity and support of a growing network of Open Hearts and Minds sponsors and donors…we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  

Open Hearts and Minds

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OHAM is registered as a non-government organisation in Kenya: No. OP.218/051/2009/092/5676.

OHAM is a 501(c)(3) public charity in the USA. Donations and contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

OHAM is recognised as a charity in the UK by HMRC for tax purposes. This means you can Gift-Aid your donations.